Elect Jeff Dahlke for Assembly

Independent Candidate for Wisconsin District 2

My name is Jeff Dahlke and I’m running as an Independent for Wisconsin's 2nd Assembly District.  I’m running for because I believe we need real change in our government, and our current politicians are not doing their jobs. I'm running because I made a promise to those who supported my Congressional campaign to not give up, to keep on fighting for change. Career politicians no longer represent the interests of the people who elected them.  I am running because I am determined to make a difference.

We hear the same messages from both parties, who pay lip service to our needs but take no action.  Both Republicans and Democrats talk about the same things when they are campaigning: disappearing middle class; need to grow jobs and increase; reduce taxes and decrease government spending; improve education, etc. But when the campaign signs come down and the special interest groups take over, campaign promises go out the window and the politicians’ wallets get fatter!

That is why I am running a different type campaign. I am running as in Independent so I can vote how the people want me to vote, not how the party wants me to vote. The only contributions I am accepting are from people like you who basically believe in the same things that I do. The only people I answer to are the people of Assembly District 2, many of whom are my family and friends, and the people of Wisconsin. It’s time for YOUR voices to be heard again in Madison.  It's time to make a difference.

Thank you.


Jeff Dahlke for Assembly
Independent Candidate for
Wisconsin District 2
3272 Adams Street
Two Rivers, WI 54241

contact: dahlke4assembly@gmail.com


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