Your voices need to be heard in Madison

My job this campaign season, and throughout my term when elected, is to listen.  As the Representative to Assembly District 2, it is my responsibility to you the electorate, to be not only your ears here, but your voice in Madison.  The campaign recently attended the League of Women Voters Forum for the State Senate Candidates.  We listened to your questions have listed key topics here that we will look to discuss with you on the campaign trail this summer.

I will be reasearching these topics, listening to your thoughts, concerns and recommendations and develping my position on each.  You can connect with me to discuss any of these or other areas of interest or concern in person when I am out campaigning or reaching out directly to me by email, phone or through our Facebook page.  I look forward to the conversation.

Key Issues in Wisconsin Assembly District 2:

Infrastructure Issues


More, better paying jobs

Social Security

Campaign Finance Reform

Medical Marijuana

DNR Management

Right to Work / Prevailing Wage



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